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microwave auditory effect

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  1. Microwave auditory effect - Wikipedia

    Od: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microwave_auditory_effect
  2. Microwave auditory effect | Mind Control Wiki | …

    The microwave auditory effect, also known as the microwave hearing effect or the Frey effect, consists of audible clicks induced by pulsed/modulated microwave frequencies. The clicks are generated directly inside the human head without the need of any receiving electronic device. The effect
    Od: http://en.mind-control.wikia.com/wiki/Microwave_auditory_effect
  3. Remote Measurement of Brain Signatures: …

    14.12.2010 · The microwave auditory effect (also known as the Frey effect or the microwave hearing effect) is perceived as a "buzz, clicking, hiss, or knocking" originating "within, or immediately behind, the head".
    Od: http://remoteneuroimaging.blogspot.com/2010/12/microwave-hearing.html
  4. Talk:Microwave auditory effect - Wikipedia

    The contents of the Frey effect page were merged into Microwave auditory effect.For the contribution history and old versions of the redirected page, please see ; …
    Od: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Microwave_auditory_effect
  5. Why Microwave Auditory Effect Crowd-Control …

    Bill Guy, a former professor at the University of Washington who has also published on the microwave auditory effect, agrees. ”There couldn’t possibly be a hazard from the sound, because the ...
    Od: http://spectrum.ieee.org › Biomedical › Biomedical Devices
  6. Microwave Auditory Effects and Applications - …

    The microwave pulse artifacts were greatly reduced by locating the microwave source (AML model PH 40K). 1975. the cavity.Microwave Auditory Effects and Applications Neurophysiological Correlations pulse generator or a large microwave-pulse-artifact which concealed the cochlear microphonic.
    Od: https://www.scribd.com/.../Microwave-Auditory-Effects-and-Applications

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