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  1. Office of Naval Research Home Page

    2019-1-9 · The Office of Naval Research (ONR) coordinates, executes, and promotes the science and technology programs of the United States Navy and Marine Corps.
    Od: https://www.onr.navy.mil
  2. ONR - Office for Nuclear Regulation - Health, …

    2019-3-31 · Outlines the role of ONR and explains how it regulates the nuclear industry. The nuclear sector is a diverse major hazards industry with a legacy of nuclear technology development that currently contributes approximately one quarter of the UK's electricity needs and provides the country with its strategic defence requirements.
    Od: http://www.onr.org.uk
  3. ONR - About us

    2018-11-14 · The Office for Nuclear Regulation is responsible for regulation of nuclear safety and security across the UK. Our mission is to provide efficient and effective regulation of the nuclear industry, holding it to account on behalf of the public.
    Od: http://www.onr.org.uk/about.htm
  4. Vilsmeier反应 - 厦门大学化学化工学院

    2004-10-11 · 芳烃、活泼烯烃化合物用二取代甲酰胺及三氯氧磷处理得到醛类: 这是目前在芳环上引入甲酰基的常用方法。N,N-二甲基甲酰胺、N-甲基-N-苯基甲酰胺是常用的甲酰化试剂。
    Od: http://chem.xmu.edu.cn/teach/yjhx/onr/Vilsmeier.htm
  5. ONR - Orthopaedic & Neurological …

    2019-4-15 · Welcome to ONR INC. Welcome. ONR, Inc. (Orthopaedic and Neurological Rehabilitation, Inc.), a contract rehabilitation company, was founded in 1988 by Jill Capela, a speech-language pathologist with entrepreneurial foresight.
    Od: https://www.onr-inc.com
  6. LightEdge Solutions | Compliant Cloud …

    Delivering Unmatched Compliance & Security. LightEdge is a premier provider of compliant hosting, data protection, and colocation services. Our rigorous audit procedures and compliance certifications allow us to meet or exceed all top industry standards.
    Od: https://www.lightedge.com
  7. 株式会社 天晴産業

    2008-7-16 · 当社は、大型の施設から一般住宅に至るまでの解体工事を行っています。 長年培ってきた技術とノウハウにより、安全かつ的確な工事を行える体制を整えています。
    Od: http://tensei.onr.jp
  8. 株式会社UNNO十番|解体工事からはじまる土地 …

    解体工事からはじまる土地活用:静岡市の解体工事は海野十番へお任せください。 ... 株式会社UNNO十番|解体工事からはじまる土地活用|静岡県静岡市|解体業 ...
    Od: http://unno.onr.jp
  9. Login - Central Bank of Ireland

    Institution Code: This is a unique code assigned to your firm at authorisation application stage e.g. C12345 (Credit Unions also have a CU code). Login Name: This is the Online Reporting username assigned to you by the CBI or by your Online Reporting Firm Administrator - first initial of forename followed by surname e.g. Joe Smith Login Name - jsmith
    Od: http://onlinereporting.cbfsai.ie
  10. 株式会社ONR|プレスブレーキ用制御装置の企画 …

    2016-4-25 · プレスブレーキ用制御装置の企画、開発、設計、製造なら、株式会社ONRにおまかせください。自社商品の「Re-up Cntrollerシリーズ」「FENIXシリーズ」の製造を始め、多数 ...
    Od: http://onr.co.jp

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